A few minutes ago, I talked to a man who’s Hindu. We discussed what I’d call “higher consciousness.”

The discussion began, because he had the dot on his forehead that symbolizes The Third Eye.

We discussed meditation. He gave me a start-up method that is suggested for beginners: lighting a candle and focusing only-on-the-candle for 5 minutes.

Thoughts will come, as you meditate. Let them pass. Let them be. Try not to judge your thoughts. “Watch” them pass by.

Mel Robbins, an inspirational speaker, says to write your thoughts out. Even if those thoughts include an old episode of a favorite show.

Meditation and/or writing the thoughts out makes room in your mind for the things you’re actually wanting to focus on. All people experience fatigue within their minds.

Mark Zuckerberg has a reason for wearing the same, simple clothing every day. He chooses to wear the same, simple clothing every day, because of what’s called decision-fatigue. There’s only a certain amount of major decisions that your mind allows you to make, per day. After that, decision-fatigue sets in.

Mark, I read, would rather wear the “same thing” every day, so that his clothing is not one of the major decisions he invests in.

The man I met today suggested that I stop reading about higher consciousness, meditation, and focus, so much. I read and study A LOT. I love to learn and I love to learn in a detailed manner.

He suggested I stop that, to a major degree.

Do it. Practice it. It’s great to have the information, but without practice, it is all meaningless.

There’s my share for the day.