Mother’s Day…?


Let me not assume you know how I feel anymore. Let me just be me… really, really straightforward.

Almost 6 years ago, I became a mother. Again, a couple of years later. Again. And then, again.

So, 4 times, I’ve given birth to a human being. That, alone, makes me a mother.

So, after giving birth, there are 364 other days of that one year.

Those 364 days, do you think I really just…forgot… that I’m a mother?

Then, take out my child’s birthday and let’s look at Mother’s Day!

So, 363 days of the year, it’s not one of my children’s birthday and it’s not Mother’s Day. Do you think I forgot that I’m a mother, during THOSE 363 days of the year?

So, when you don’t say anything to me on Mother’s Day, I’ve just been sitting here for over 300 days of this particular year KNOWING that I’m a mother.

But on that one day, my so-called friends choose not to say anything to me, because reminding me that I’m a mother would be so hurtful and I might get upset.


Your logic has completely failed.

Let’s just celebrate cappuccinos, on National Coffee Day! Yeah… ’cause regular coffee doesn’t want to be reminded that they don’t taste as good. That would be so hurtful. Regular coffee forgets that it’s coffee, until National Coffee Day, doesn’t it?

That’s just as stupid sounding, as the aforementioned Mother’s Day logic.


Thank you… strange, not very thoughtful people.