Hoping, Hoping, Hoping…


Finally! There is the potential to have the kind of life I’m hoping for.

I still have some important “loose ends” to tie up, but eventually (in the next 2 years), everything (I hope) could potentially be set and in place.

I’ve re-gained a job that I am able to handle. The job provides a Monday through Friday routine, for me. The job comes with an understanding (of Asperger’s Syndrome) boss. The job pays exactly what I need to live the simple life that perfectly suits me. My basic needs are met.

“Basic needs?? That’s it??” … Yep! I’ve gone almost 3 years without having the promise of my basic needs being met. Intermittently, I’ve had housing (whether it be living with a friend, an acquaintance, a live-in situation, or a homeless shelter.) I’ve usually had food to eat.

I shaved my head, recently. So, even bathroom supplies are at a minimum-need. Give me a bar of Zest (shower supplies) and I’m good.

People think I’m being a martyr or something, when I “talk” like this – about needing very little. Nope. I’ve been very, very low maintenance (about material items) – my entire life. I need what I need … and if I get a few things that I want – that’s awesome! My vices are: coffee, eating out, and books. If I have extra money, that’s what it usually goes to.

I drink the coffee. I scarf down meals (especially if I didn’t have to make it). I buy books, but rarely read them. Books are comfort items, for me. Really, if anyone has some book spines they’re not using / they’re about to throw away – just send them to me. I would love to create a fake bookshelf type-of-thing. Then, I’ll have my real books in a special-other place. I’m weird.

Any way, besides those loose ends that need tying… I’m feeling safe and secure, right now.

(I have my own room in a house. Two other people live in the house. I can tolerate them.)

Here’s a picture of my non-hair.

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