Put the Past in the Past


I’ve had a bad few days, for various reasons. Today’s my first day back, after taking a break. Sometimes, I need a break from (even) most online socialization. Why? Because I have ultra-sensitive days. Things that someone says or doesn’t say can make me really depressed or really angry.

One of the things I was dealing with was missing Lady Bug a lot. I go back and forth from really missing Lady Bug to knowing that Lady Bug and Sweet Sesame are where they should be. They’re home, with their parents.

When I’m in the mindset of knowing that Lady Bug and Sweet Sesame are where they should be, I also realize that I need to move on, in a sense. Move on from being their birth mother??? Never!

What I mean by “move on” is that I need to put the past in the past, remind myself that I’ve made the right choices for Lady Bug and Sweet Sesame, and continue on with my life – while allowing myself to mourn, in emotionally healthy ways. Image

To say that I’ve completely moved on… that will always be a lie. But I will try.